Piranha’s new LED rolling trays will brighten up any smoke session. It features a designated spot for a grinder and comes with a bending mini light for easy rolling and her inspection. These battery-powered rolling trays charge using a universal USB-C port and lasts for at least five hours on a single charge. Available in [...]


An eco-friendly bamboo rolling tray from Crown Cannabis Canada with magnetic functionality and storage areas.


Premium metal rolling trays with popular characters and designs from Smoke Arsenal. Dimensions: 14″ x 11″ Weight: 274g Easy to clean and highly portable.


Keep from making a mess with this Metal Rolling Tray from Pulsar. There is nothing like a clean, flat surface dedicated to the art of rolling. The polished surface ensures that your bud can be easily moved around the tray. The tray has curved edges and high sides, perfect for holding flower safely.


Gravitate towards V Syndicate’s T=HC2 Black Hole Roll n Go bundle. Matter and flower won’t escape from the metal rolling tray and magnetic lid when you are on the way to or leaving a sesh. This design is the only blackhole you can actually see and will help you easily conceal your sesh for the [...]


RAW black rolling trays boast the iconic red RAW logo atop a black background, mimicking RAW black rolling papers. Enjoy a super easy to clean surface that makes your rolls turn out nice and conical. The tray features curved edges that hold down even the roundest pre rolls and blunts from going overboard. The reinforced [...]


Pulsar Sk8Tray metal rolling trays measure 7.25″ by 19.75″ (18.415cm x 50.165cm) and feature an extraterrestrial super man mid-transformation. Pulsar Sk8Tray’s have rolled edges for strength, safety and containment of ones favourite herbaceous products. Featuring extra wide “dual kick” edges for an added rolling surface area and easier maneuverability. This colourfast tray will never peel, [...]


The metal rolling tray and magnetic lid add up to be the best solution for a smoker looking to take their sesh on the go. The T=HC2 Roll n Go bundle will help you pass the test of the perfect sesh. The 3D lid features a holographic image that moves when you tilt the tray [...]


All your rolling pressure is dropped with the RAW tricolour RAWsta rolling tray in a full colour print. Enjoy a super easy to clean surface that makes your rolls turn out nice and conical. The tray boasts of curved edges that hold down even the roundest joints and blunts from going overboard.


DabPadz is the ultimate smoking accessory when it comes to protecting your glass pieces and concentrates from the floor. Created from durable ¼” shock absorbent rubber with an 8″ diameter. DabPadz are the best choice for protecting your dab rigs, water pipes and glass accessories from hard surfaces and accidents.